Legal Lobola Agreement for R99 at Checkers


Checkers have done it again! 


You can buy a binding lobola agreement from any Checkers for only R99! 

This brilliant and innovative idea came from Jabulani Mahlangu who sat through various lobola negotiations to take notes.  

Jabulani partnered with Hortors Legal Stationary to have all important negotiation information properly recorded.

The contract consists of four sections, it ensures that full details of the bride and groom is recorded, gives the bride and groom power over negotiations, nominates and authorise the people to represent them and record all gifts exchanged.

“We as Africans always complain about our dying culture, but we don’t properly document our traditional practices.  This is a step in the right direction” says Mahlangu.

We welcome such innovative ideas from South Africans.


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