·         The Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance received 11 768 written complaints in 2018.  An increase of 1 000 complaints compared to 2017.

·         41% of complaints was funeral complaints.  An increase of 4% since 2017.  Funeral complaints was again the majority of complaints submitted to the Ombudsman .

·         Life Insurance complaints decreased with 3%.

·         Disability complaints increased from 11% to 12%.

·         Health policy benefits decreased from 10% to 8%.

·         Complaints about credit life cover remained unchanged at 9%.

91% of complaints was finalised within 6 months.

31.5% full cases were resolved partially or wholly in favour of complainants.

160 Fines was given to the Life Insurers totalling to R632 737.

The increase of funeral complaints may be as a result of driven compliance by Insurers and FSP’s to ensure that proper disclosures are done and that clients are aware of complaints processes and channels. The Ombuds details must be disclosed to the policyholder on his policy application or policy certificates and on all rejection or repudiation letters issued by the Insurers.


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