COVID-19 National lockdown – EUM operations and Funeral Policy Contingency

Submitted by EUM on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 17:07

South Africans have never experienced the challenges our nation is currently facing.

The shutdown will have a severe effect on the South African economy, the funeral and insurance industry.

The COVID-19, or the Corona virus, is not an exclusion on any of the funeral policies offered by Executive Underwriting Managers CC (‘EUM’) through our Insurers. Should any policy holder die due to the Virus the claim will be honoured by the Insurer, provided that the member complies with the conditions of the policy, e.g. the policy holder has served his / her waiting periods and premiums to the Insurer is up to date.

It is important to keep your monthly premiums up to date to ensure that your policyholders are covered in this national disaster. Your scheme has no payment holiday. No claims will be paid by the Insurer on any arrear premium due to the Insurer. No arrangements will be accepted. No claims will be set-off against your invoice. Grace periods do not apply to a group scheme. Grace periods are only applicable to the policy holder.

Our systems allow you to only pay for clients for whom you have collected premiums. You need to inform EUM in writing for whom you have collected premium. The non-payers policies will be suspended and given a grace period to pay a double premium after the lockdown. No claim will be paid for a policy holder that have not paid premiums. See attached Annexure A.

South Africans will have access to basic essential banking service like ATM’s. Provide your clients with your banking details to ensure that premiums are paid either at ATM, through debit order (EUM has debit order facilities to assist), EFT and other available options. Use this limited time to consult with your clients. Inform your clients that the product is a risk product, which covers COVID-19 and premium is essential to keep policies active.

Schemes that are in arrears and have been issued with arrear letters, needs to bring their premiums up to date within the stipulated timeframe. The days noted in the letters will not be extended and cancellation due to arrears will be maintained. The normal cancellation processes as prescribed by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) will remain in force.

EUM have implemented contingency measures to ensure that limited staff is available to our Brokers, Funeral Parlours, and Clients during this time.

Identified staff in key operational areas will be available remotely from Monday to Friday 08H00 – 16H00 to assist you. The mobile numbers provided are temporary numbers, and will only be in used during the designated times. The numbers will not have access to WhatsApp. The existing WhatsApp lines will remain active for clients to WhatsApp claims and amendments to policies. The staff will not be available after hours or on weekends.



EUM Team Member

Contact Number




Chanelle Wilken

Funeral Parlours

082 754 0802

WhatsApp Claims forms

079 781 0496

086 552 0500


Ursula Griffith


082 735 5771

086 551 9730

Capturing and data

Luani La Grange

072 564 5064

WhatsApp New policies / cancellations amendments

071 347 4551

086 461 8749

Finance / Invoice and Debit Orders

Petra Brits

082 293 7963

086 500 6821

Quotes and new schemes

JJ Bezuidenhout

082 406 3157

086 673 8344

Member communication

Portia Zondo

072 573 8245

086 461 7979

Data Comparisons

Jonathan Claase

082 333 8694

086 551 9727

Data and System Assistance

Mari Du Casse

082 446 0672



Adriaan Lombard

082 416 4562

086 552 7555


Vicky Lombard

082 561 6234

086 552 0492


Our clients and the policy holders will remain our top priority in this time. We can ensure you that we will do our best to have minimal disruptions and be available to assist you and to continue with business.

The Insurers have guaranteed us that they too have put measures into place to ensure minimum disruptions and their claims team will be able to process claims.

Keep safe during this lock down and adhere to the government’s request of quarantine where possible.

We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers


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