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What happens if your clients are quarantined or your town is completely shut down due to the Corona Virus?

What happens if you or your staff fall sick and are unable to perform your day to day duties?

How will you collect premium to ensure that the policies are kept active and members covered in this pandemic? 


All funeral parlours need to put measures in place to ensure minimal business disruptions and ensure sustainable cashflow of the business.

If premiums are not paid insurers may proceed to cancel the policies due to non-payment of premium, leaving your members vulnerable.  Stringent measures will be implemented by insurers to ensure compliance with the Rule15A of the policyholder protection rules (PPR).


EUM offers unique and sustainable solutions to the funeral industry in these uncertain times.

Our debit order system can split payments collected from the policy holder automatically between the Underwriter and Funeral Parlour.  This will limit visits to clients and ensure that your cash flow remains unaffected.  Payments are paid to the funeral parlour in real time from the bank.


For pension points we have a limited supply of Tap to Pay devices.  The device will allow your staff to be at the pension point for a very short period, tapping SASSA Card and collecting premiums from pensioners.

The device will also allow your staff to sell airtime to limit pensioners time in shopping centres and malls.


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