Claims and Forms

Executive Underwriting Managers CC has a dedicated claims team to asses your claim. We understand how important the claim process is to your business.

On claim stage will we need the following documents;

Claim Procedure

· EUM claim form & insurer claim form; 
· Mandate to pay the undertaker, where the parlour must be paid; 
· Certified and clear ID copy of the main member or policy holder; 
· Certified and clear ID copy of the deceased member; 
· Certified and clear death certificate (serial numbers must be visible); 
· Copy of the BI1663; 
· Copy of signed and dated application form; and 
· If the deceased died of unnatural causes, a completed police report. 

EUM will not reject or repudiate any claims, all claims may only be rejected or repudiated on the full discretion of the insurer. The insurer has the full right to request any additional information on a claim. Where fraudulent claims are submitted will it be referred to the forensic department of the insurer. 
No claims will be paid on any incorrect or unclear information. 
No claims will be paid on arrear premiums due to EUM or to the insurer. 
It is the funeral parlour and insured life responsibility to make sure that all information given to EUM is correct at all times.


Choosing EUM is choosing the best partner for your business.  Our products and services are developed to help grow your organisation to its full potential.